The almost two centuries of activity of Assicurazioni Generali testify a solidity that positions the Group among the main players of the insurance sector. They also testify the satisfaction of its customers and shareholders, both retail and institutional, who have chosen to believe in the ability of the Group of creating value. As witnessed by some of Generali’s top managers at Generali, it is necessary to boost the innovative capability of the Group in order to strengthen the business accordingly to the challenges of our time.

Generali at a glance

Our strategic stories

One way ticket to growth

How to set the strategic path for a global corporate Group

Corporate strategy is a fascinating and difficult art. Gian Paolo Meloncelli explains how setting the path for an international corporate Group requires a plan based on innovation and on execution capabilities, so to ensure a competitive position in terms of global presence, product supply and distribution network.

Straight to the heart

Engaging relationships with clients, delighting and satisfying them

Wisely listening to customers, quickly answering their needs and an even more customized offering determinate the success or the failure of a marketing idea. But nowadays customers are more sensitive also about corporate social responsibility and look for an active interaction with brands, especially the global ones. Because of this, it is necessary to design customer experiences aiming first of all at increasing the wellbeing of people.

Tech in progress

How technological innovation is changing the insurance sector

What does innovation mean in the insurance sector? It means analysing big data, looking for a tighter interaction with customers and satisfying their needs with more customized services. But also to provide oneself with the necessary cultural flexibility  in order to change the way we see the world.

Revolutionary road

Analyzing the world thanks to big data (and trying to change it)

In the era of the smartphones and the Internet of Things, big data are the latest corporate link for evolution. Merging and calculating big amounts of data and digital information is the quantum jump to handle knowledge, understanding reality and, sometimes, changing it. A revolution driven by data and by the ambition of enhancing the services and the interaction with clients.