We develop for our customers Life and P&C integrated and customized insurance solutions

We sell insurance policies and collect premiums through a multi-channel strategy

We invest responsibly in financial instruments

We pay beneficiaries upon occurence of the insured event

We develop simple, integrated, customized and competitive Life and P&C insurance solutions for our clients to meet their needs: our solutions include savings policies, individual and family protection policies, unit-linked policies, mass-market insurance products as MTPL insurance, household, accident and health policies as well as sophisticated products covering commercial and industrial risks and structured solutions for multinational companies.

For further information please refer to Clients and sale channels in the Sustainability Report 2015

We distribute our products and offer our services through a multi-channel strategy: we have therefore responded to the request of our customers to enable them to contact us in various ways. We aim to become an excellent provider of insurance solutions, available through a variety of channels and accessible in different ways thanks to new technologies: both through our global agents and financial advisors, and through brokers, bancassurance and direct channels. These channels allow clients to be more independent, since they can easily obtain information on alternative products, compare alternative options, purchase the preferred product and get a good post-sales service, thereby creating a positive customer experience.

Premiums collected from the insurance contracts are managed through specific asset – management policies in order to ensure the payment of claims and consideration to our policyholders or their beneficiaries in the event of death, accidents or upon occurrence of the insured event. The amounts received are invested in financial instruments.

To understand the different and complex needs of the corporate segment within a connected and global world, Generali offers customers and brokers a unique approach for clients and brokers and provide them with specific insurance solutions for employees, P&C products and corporate risk solutions with Europ Assistance, Generali Employee Benefits, Generali Global Corporate & Commercial, Generali Global Health. Flexibility and know-how enable Generali to shape solutions on the needs of international customers. Within a highly industrialized segment, where these customers wouldn’t otherwise be properly positioned as to the retails solutions in the different countries, they are indeed offered simplified procedures in a multilingual system encompassing different juridical and fiscal system.

With regards to investments, for several years we have paid great attention to the issues of sustainable development: we base our investment strategies also on environmental, social and corporate governance criteria (ESG), without compromising profitability and in accordance with the principles of protection of our most important asset, our reputation.

Generali Investments Europe (GIE), our asset management company, has further focused attention on sustainable investments by creating a special team of ESG analysts and its own innovative, transparent selection process, applicable to different asset classes, which is based on:

  • In-depth ESG analysis by the team
  • Own database allowing the adjustment of the screening criteria to the clients’ needs
  • Financial analysis of the range of ESG-compliant companies to identify the best investment opportunities.

over € 28.6 bln

billion managed in socially
responsible portfolios

The exclusive ESG method includes 4 stages (positive screening) and is applied to corporate shares and bonds:
Criteri ESG

GIS (SICAV di GIE) Ageing Population was launched on 12 October. It was planned and developed as an answer to the trend of ageing population and greater longevity, combining financial return and ability to create value for the community.
The fund can also include issuers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, in real estate (nursing homes), in Life and savings insurance and/or in the field of products for the elderly.
For further information please refer to Responsible and social impact investing in the Sustainability Report 2015.