Our idea of insurance

Insurance has been a great invention of modern times. It was more of an intellectual rather than a commercial innovation, which has strongly contributed to the development and wellbeing of the global economy and society.

The insurance business is strictly connected to the major issues of the contemporary world, which have an increasingly global and complex dimension.

Telling one year of business of one of the major insurance groups worldwide can provide a useful contribution to understand the status quo, interpret its underlying trends and get into its complexity.

Once again this is done through a clear and user-friendly publication, rich in both numbers and images, showing the pictures of our employees and staff members worldwide. You can see them in their daily activities against the background of the macro-trends mostly influencing our business and our customers’ needs: climate change, urbanisation, demographic evolution etc..

This is the key message: an organization like ours can confidently look at the future only thanks to its people and their ability to innovate.

The rest also counts, but this is more important.


Life segment
Operating Result € 2,965 mln (-0.4%)
APE € 5,210 mln (-0.2%)
Gross written premiums € 53,297 mln (+6.2%)
Operating Result € 1,987 mln (+8.5%)
COR 93.1% (-0.6 p.p.)
Gross written premiums € 20,868 mln (+0.8%)